Scrutiny Software Solutions (ScrutinysoftR) provides enriched services in Consulting, Strategy, Technology, Management and Operations to enrich client goals met effectively.

Rather than just performing, our solution approach provides innovative and result oriented ways of

With strong diverse expertise across various technologies, multiple industries and business segments we deliver excellent results exceeding targets.

Scrutiny Software Solutions strongly focuses on other primary objectives for clients to improve their business through services streamlining, productivity improvement, wastage reduction/elimination, business value addition.

Scrutiny Software Solutions is proficient in application development, webpage designing, software testing, SEO services, Business Analytics, Data Analytics, merger and acquisitions, website developing, business value additions, E-commerce service, Research, Audit services, Surveys, Business process solutions and additional support services through Scrutinysoft Specialty.

We support all domains to ensure client excellence! The domains supported include Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Health Care, Retail, Education, Entertainment, Construction, Aviation, Manufacturing and Telecom.

We provide wide range of services to various segments micro, small, medium, large industries across the world through affordable cost solutions.