Advisory is being in a capacity to provide advice or opinions. Advisory provides hand to hand advisory, reports and evaluations to the stakeholders (Top management, Board of Directors, Senior Management and to the management teams) to address various range of issues, provide thought process, industry happenings and the required contents.

Recommendations are offered to consumers through multiple research and report through various solutions. We assist in strategy, structure, management, and operations of an organization to pursue long-term goals.

It is critical to foster that ‘right-fit’ is implemented and is appropriately managed and governed. In general, it is challenging to get right and without being expensive and going wrong - not only in terms of money spent, but also in lost efficiency and potential regulatory infringements. Scrutinysoft brings together skills and experience for an effective and well-managed practices and procedures that can bring a competitive advantage in realizing the business objectives.

Scrutinysoft Strategy provides technical advice, process advice, procedure advice, thought process advice, legal advice, accounting advice and financial reporting advice and support to clients on a wide range of transactions and events, including adherence to new or revised standards and effective management of the reporting processes.

Scrutiny Software Solutions offers business advisory services that tackle all aspects of business from start to end through better service and more widely, embarking on research and development activities, to improving your business operations and performance continuously.