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Audit Services In India

The financial statement of a business or an organization is very useful to many both within the company and other external users like tax authorities, financial institutions, management people who access the company's risk, etc. The purpose of an audit is to provide an independent opinion to the shareholders of a company or a business on the truth & fairness of the financial statements and whether they have been properly prepared or not in accordance with the latest standards and requirements. Audits can help to prevent and detect fraud, highlight the areas that can be improved and check whether the company has been keeping up with the company standards.

A business conducts the company audit and it can be an internal audit and external audit.

An internal audit is where a business is examined by someone within the same company. The purpose of the internal audit is to evaluate how the company or business is performing in relation to its goals and then consult with the managers to revamp in the areas that needed improvement.

External audit is performed by an auditing management service or an IT audit firm to examine the financial statements of the organization and view the state of affairs of the organization and its operations. There are many firms available that specializes in doing auditing like internal audit, external audit, stock audit services, auditors for IT, etc.

Scrutiny Software Solutions Private Limited is committed to inspire the clients with great confidence, trust and show our enhanced transparency through our audits. We perform audit operation services to the clients by understanding their businesses and by performing high quality audits and report fair opinion in accordance with the applicable financial framework to the shareholders, investors and lenders.

Scrutinysoft operations conducts both internal audit and external audit to assist the clients in achieving their business goals, managing their risk and improving their business performance. Scrutinysoft Operations audit professionals uses excellent audit tools, resources and procedures to deliver high-quality audit services. Scrutinysoft Operations also does risk assessment, diagnostic processes, auditing procedures and assessment of client's service performance.