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Acquisitions refer to processes in which one company buys the other company. The purchasing of another company is sometimes friends or hostile, depending on whether the company being acquired believes it is better off as an operating unit of a larger venture.

Business Acquisition or company acquisitions are carried out either to eliminate competition by absorbing the competing company or to expand the corporate portfolio by retaining the acquired company as an independent entity under the overall corporate management. Acquisitions have become an essential and integral part of corporate strategy and will gain more significance as competition intensifies and companies move up the growth curve.

Scrutinysoft is specialized in identifying the key sources of ongoing value and explore any odds. With enormous of experience in helping companies develop time-tested strategies, we, as a part of our client’s team, identify the types of deals that create value to the client’s business.

Why Choose Our Services?

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Once target is identified, we help corporates decide acquisition vehicle, structure, mode of consideration and financing options.

As success of any deal depends on scrupulous Due-Diligence, we literally put ourselves in the clients’ shoes to grasp the objectives and important risk areas of the target.

We are expertized in Financial Due-Diligence, Commercial Due-Diligence, Tax Due-Diligence, Legal Due-Diligence, Human Resource

Scrutinysoft with the best team carefully analyses the cash flows and other macro-economic factors specific to the targets industry based on which we determine independent and fair valuation for the acquisition. Our valuation includes both business and synergy valuation.

We also participate in negotiation to work out terms of payment and way forward based on our client‘s strategy .Our expertise in drafting M&A term sheets/MOUs Share Purchase Agreement, Business Transfer Agreement and more.

Ensuring not only a smooth movement of the deal process by taking care of the needs of both the parties but also avoids any post deal conflicts notwithstanding the highly complex process of negotiation.