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Consulting is about giving expert advice to people working in a professional field or providing external advice for organizations that require specialist expertise or an objective outside perspective on their business. Consulting involves either advisory or implementation services. There are many functional areas in the Consulting Industry: Strategy Consulting, Management Consulting, Operations Consulting, Business Consulting, HR Consulting, Financial Advisory and Technology Consulting.

Consulting firms provide insights on how to improve work flow and how to bring in change where necessary, how to increase profits and how to reduce costs and debts, how to use technology to improve operations and how to get the most out of their employees through training and benefits. Scrutiny Software Solutions offers consulting services in various fields like Business, Strategy, Technology, Management and Operations.

Consulting Foresight

Consulting is dedicated to helping industry peers develop professionally, and as client's needs change, the sector and the consulting firms within it – must adapt quickly in terms of services, structure and operations. The past few years have seen significant transition, particularly in terms of technology and legislation, and organizations have had to respond rapidly, while maintaining their competitive edge and ensuring their own long-term growth.

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Business Analytics

Scrutinysoft Consulting helps the clients by examining their business data and doing statistical analysis, big data analysis, predictive analysis, prescriptive analysis and text mining to find why the problems are occurring for the client, what will happen if the problem continues and what is the best solution for the problem and the outcome that can happen if the current problem is rectified.

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Data Analytics

Scrutinysoft Consulting analyses the clients' business data to get useful management data which directly or indirectly increases the client’s revenue, increases the business operational efficiency, optimize customer service efforts and create new markets. The client can use the analyzed data to make management decisions which impacts the business in a positive way.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Scrutinysoft Software Solutions provide detailed, innovative and intelligent ways for the clients who are going for a merger or an acquisition of another business. We will quickly complete the merger or an acquisition complying to all local and international laws and subjects to regulatory. We also try to help the client’s organization in case of divestiture or separation between two businesses or organizations.

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Scrutinysoft Specialty

Scrutinysoft Consulting has four specialties – Streamlining, Productivity Improvement, Wastage Reduction/Elimination and Business Value Additions. Streamlining the client’s operations can help in client satisfaction, decrease the cost, increase the profit and margin. Improving the productivity for the client will ensure higher return on investments on every aspect of activities performed in day to day operations. Reducing or eliminating the wastage will directly or indirectly increase the productivity and profit. Business value additions will help to increase the quality and value of the client’s product or process.

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