Scrutinysoft provides consultation, resources and divestiture strategy to clients through the divestiture process, curtailing the instinctive risks and maximizing value creation.

Our approach is built on the methodologies and best practices that ensure success at each step along the way in delivering desired outcomes.

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We offer a four-edged divestiture process:

Corporate portfolio strategy

Divestiture preparation

Due diligence and execution

Separation and value capture.

Corporate Portfolio Strategy

The early step in developing a divestiture strategy is an extensive review of the business portfolio to identify potential opportunities for value creation, taking into account the business strategy, economic climate, and regulatory environment. Scrutinysoft works collaboratively with executives to evaluate the portfolio considering all corporate and environmental factors and make recommendations about which assets to divest, why to divest them, and what is the best timing.

Divestiture Preparation

Our thorough planning process ensures that the divestiture transaction is sticking to create the desired value. The process takes place in two simultaneous initiatives:

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Sale   Preparation

As Scrutinysoft is one of the top-notch Divestiture company, we help with private sales, initial public offerings, and spin-offs, often joining forces with already involved legal firms, banks, and other financial services firms.

We partner with clients to prepare for the sales process, focusing on promoting an attractive value proposition for prospective buyers and streamlining the experience for all parties.

Our value in broad market knowledge, augmenting it with additional market research, consolidating internal data, and shaping an attractive divestiture report.

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Separation   Planning

Separation planning concentrating on the long-term strategic objectives of the seller and the divested business to limit the ingrained distractions that occur with divestitures.

The operations of the divested business are inevitably integrated with the parent company, with functions such as operations, HR, IT, finance, and sales likely being shared.

This means executives from across the company must be involved in planning the separation. Scrutinysoft involves the various parties at the right times, maximizing their contributions and minimizing the negative impact on operations.

Separation and Value Capture

Once the deal closes, we help in coordinating the separation process in which plans are executed in keeping with previously established covenants. We ensure that the divested business is positioned for future success and separation is handled successfully.