Exceptional experience to improve fund-raising.

We bring-in the right mix of experience, knowledge and latest innovation to help your organization in achieving the goal.

Fundraising Services

Scruinysoft is one of the leading fund raising company in India which serves the need of many top non-profit organizations globally. We pride ourselves on delivering strategic, innovative, accountable and outcome-driven revenue generation. We are one of the top consulting firm with innovative strategies in fund raising, communications, through research & training and development.

Improve Fund-raising

Our consultants with direct experience into countless fields including resources and exceptional experience to improve fund-raising.

Understand your challenges

Shape your fund raising ambitions

Unlock the insights

The best experience

Scrutinysoft Approach

Finding the problem

Through our problem solving step, we will figure with you to know what caused the problem, what the challenge looks like at this moment, and the magnitude of the challenge.

Research and analysis

Our field study helps in planning the best way to get your fund. In addition to it, we help in deciding the channels to carry your product. we also work with you to design the fundraising tests.

Applying solutions through new parameters

Increase fundraising. Achieve more, faster with less resources. With the following key enablers: mobile, social, analytics, the internet of things, and big data, you can transform your fundraising for the future.