Scrutinysoft is a strong team of experience professionals working towards a strategic goal of achieving best results for its clients with maximized Return on Investments (ROI) with specialties Streamlining, Productivity Improvement, Wastage Reduction/Elimination, Business Value Additions in each and every aspect. We provide end to end services and solutions addressing various industry needs, catering wide range of requirements. We provide unique custom made approach tailored specially to suit client needs.



Consulting is about giving expert advice to people working in a professional field or providing external advice for organizations that require specialist expertise or an objective outside perspective on their business.


Strategy is the approach or procedure needed to deal with a problem. Strategy is a plan - a somewhat deliberately and consciously chosen course of action. It is an action that is taken to reach the goal of an organization.


Many businesses have started using technology to stay ahead of their competitors by creating new products or services using technology and delivering those products and service within the specified budget and time.


Management is said to be the process of doing things formally in a specified and organized manner by a group of people. It is not an individual activity but is of group activities which is to achieve the organization’s goals and objectives.


Digital has become an integral part of today’s society. People love all things digital, and as customers hope for the same approach from businesses. The digital transformation of your business is necessary to keep up with the modern world.


Information Technology Operations deals with everything outside of application programming and management. The IT Operations of an organization must be resilient, secure, usable, performance, environmentally friendly and available at all times.

Scrutinysoft is a fast moving technology and consulting organization which provides end to end services across the world!

We provide solutions for all domains to ensure client excellence! We provide a wide range of services for micro, small, medium and large industries of various sectors through affordable cost solutions.

Founded in 2015
Projects 200 +
Technology 15 +
Clients 100 +
Scrutiny Software Solutions Private Limited
Corporate Culture

Scrutinysoft performs ethical activities and are governed by high corporate standards.

Scrutinysoft is an excellent place to learn and grow. We practice high standards at work. We call our employees as Associates and not Resources.

We are unbiased to race, ethnicity, religion, caste and geographies.

We treat all clients, employees, vendors and support personnel with high dignity and respect.