About Client

Client is a leading manufacturer, importer and supplier of industrial products with specialization in Industrial Magnets. Client company is part of a Group of companies with multi million dollars turnover and industry focus on Textile, Yarn, Industrial Supplies, Renewable Energy and others. Client group of companies employs 1200 people directly and 300 people indirectly.

Problem Statement

Client had considerable amount spent on their expenses and profit was lesser though the revenue was high.

Scrutinysoft Solution

Scrutinysoft Consulting did an extensive analysis on the each and every penny spent. Most of the parameters are with in normal range. So how to reduce expense without comprising any of the current activities. Client used courier to transport goods. We saw huge money spent on transportation.

Scrutinysoft Consulting recommended client after in-depth analysis to use own transport facilities, which includes trucks, truck drivers and delivery boys.

Scrutinysoft Services Offered