Looking forward for a Merger or an Acquisition. Wonderful! Scrutinysoft Consulting provides innovative and intelligent ways for Mergers and Acquisitions at an optimized cost.

We provide strategic due diligence, business and IT target-state definition, implementation planning, governance support and change management.

We blend the best of both organizations helping you quickly achieve maximized returns, reduced risk, run smoother operations, providing customers enhanced value through our strategic methodologies and superior consultants.

Scrutinysoft Consulting will quickly complete the merger or an acquisition complying to all local and international laws and subjects to regulatory.

Our post-merger integration team provides strategic advice and help throughout the defined timelines to ensure enhanced performance. We provide target definitions, strategic goals, implementation plan and help execution for all teams in your organization including change management, risk identification and futuristic roadmaps.

Scrutinysoft Consulting Mergers and Acquisitions Benefits:

Divestiture & Separation:

Do you feel it’s appropriate to Divestiture or Separate your business units or need guidance to do so?

We at Scrutinysoft Consulting provide incredible solutions for Divestitures and Separations. We help your organizations in carve-outs, spin-offs, liquidations, split-offs, exchanges and tracking stocks.

We perform through analysis, execute best practices, apply effective techniques, provide detailed perspective of several transactions across industries to help your organization in divestitures or separations.

We knew each transaction is bit different in divestiture and separation thus providing strong support to your organization through helping in risk management, financial and legal requirements, local and international laws thus achieving maximized deal value with reduced costs.

Scrutinysoft Consulting Divestiture and Separation Benefits: