Information Technology Operations deals with everything outside of application programming and management. IT Operations delivers a stable service for the organization’s technological applications and IT infrastructure with control and maintenance on a continuous basis. Every IT organization must have their IT Operation customized to suit their business based on their needs and resources. The IT Operations of an organization must be resilient, secure, usable, performance, environmentally friendly and available at all times.

The IT Operations must be standardized and at the same time must evolve with the introduction of any new functionalities. The functions and responsibilities of the IT Operations also include network infrastructure, server & device management, operations related to computer and helpdesk. Scrutinysoft Operations services comprises of performing audits, various supporting operation services and doing surveys of wide range.

Auditing Management Service


Scrutinysoft Operations performs independent audits, in accordance with the latest standards and regulatory requirements and with a strong focus on outcome. We check and verify the financial accounts of the client and ensure that all account books are done in a fair manner and without any misrepresentation in any manner. We audit the client’s organization through leveraging top-notch technologies, data analytics and audit professionals to upgrade audit quality, streamline audit processes and deliver greater insights.

Business Process Solutions

Business Process Solutions

Scrutinysoft Operations supports seamless additional supporting services to ensure smooth business services for the client’s organization. The various supporting services include Back Office operations, Call Center, Payroll, Leave Management, Loan Processing, Virtual Assistant, Startup Support, Data Processing, etc. We also optimize operations, justify the cost and recommend useful functions in the management of IT Operations.



Scrutiny Software Solutions can execute wide range of surveys on any scale and magnitude to target audience all over the world using various online survey tools which can in turn provide critical data and insights specifically analyzed and report it based on the client’s requirements. We also provide the surveyed details in a precise and documented report with clearly defined objectives for the client.