Software Companies in Chennai

Scrutiny Software Solutions Private Limited, located in Chennai OMR kelambakkam, provides various services like business consulting, business strategy, technology, management, digital, web technology and business operations.

Why Software Companies?

The software industry has become a major player in every industry and in all sectors. Software plays a vital role in today’s global economy. The software industry can be categorized into four main categories: programming services, system services, open source services and software as a service. The programming service software industry is the largest software service industry among the four categories which provides solutions to business needs to analyze, store & organize data, provide programs to run machinery, etc.

Open source software industry refers to the open software code that is available for free and businesses or organizations can customize the open source software to their needs and requirements accordingly. The software as a service industry has become popular due to the introduction of cloud computing where the software is kept on creator’s server and the clients can access the software through the internet. Since the arrival of cloud computing, the software industry has changed on how they develop and use the software and interact with their clients.

The software industry in India is the leading sourcing destination across the world, accounting for 55% of market share of the US $ 185-190 billion global services sourcing business in 2017-2018. Chennai significantly contributes to the Indian IT industry. There are many software companies in India that provide all the four services of the software industry. All the businesses around the world tend to list out the software companies which provide the best possible solutions or outcomes to choose the best among them for either consulting or providing the requirements needed to achieve their vision and mission.

End to End Services

  • Scrutinysoft technology offers services in application development, business analysis, re-engineering, software testing, application maintenance and web technologies.

  • Scrutinysoft digital performs various kinds of digital services along with digital marketing to advertise the clients globally.

  • Scrutinysoft management gives IT management service and human resources service to the clients through consulting.

  • Scrutinysoft operations plays an important role in improving the business operations of the clients effectively and efficiently.

Scrutinysoft Speciality

Scrutinysoft also has specialties like the streamlining, productivity improvement, wastage management and business value additions. Scrutinysoft has improved some of the client’s performance, improved productivity, eliminated inconsistencies, automated workflows, reduced cost, etc. We strongly support the client’s business decisions and guide them appropriately to achieve their goals and objectives.