Strategic Partnership

Scrutiny Software Solutions helps every individual, institutions with wide business strategy to form successful strategic partnership. Our goal is to provide individual and institutional investors the opportunity to monetize and manage their holdings. We have accomplished many types of transactions, from single fund transfers to complex, structured portfolio solutions, and work hard to understand the unique circumstances of each of our partners and offer thoughtful alternatives. Investors value our guidance and support as it relates to private fund commitments, co-investments and portfolio management.

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To sellers and general partners, Strategic Partners are viewed as a trustworthy and well-respected counterparty. From our start, we helped our clients raising billion of capital commitments, completed hundreds of transactions, and helped our clients in acquiring partnership interests. We pride ourselves in providing solutions on a fair, timely and confidential basis.

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Secondary Investing

Being the Business Consultant For our clients, we strive to help them getting the benefits of secondary investing, which may include (i) reducing blind pool risk; (ii) mitigating the “J-Curve” with shorter duration profiles; and (iii) diversifying exposure across industries, investment strategies, fund sponsors, geographies and vintage years. This is achieved by utilizing our deep network of global relationships and focusing on a detailed, bottom-up analysis of the underlying assets.

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Impact Investing

Scrutinysoft’s impact investing platform strives to convey positive financial impact while addressing four specific investment themes - Health & Well-being, Financial Access, Sustainable Communities and Green Technologies.