Development in the technology field has made drastic changes to the world in the past three decades. These developments changed the way we think, work, live and view the world. Everyone has their own way of understanding what technology actually is. Some describe technology as products and process that simplify our daily lives while others describe it as an application of science to solve problems.

Many businesses have started using technology to stay ahead of their competitors by creating new products or services using technology and delivering those products and service within the specified budget and time. Ever since we have moved from the industrial age to the information age, even small businesses which had limited growth in the industrial revolution age have shown exceptional potential int technology development.

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Application Development

Scrutiny Software Solutions provides various technology services like Application Development, Application Maintenance, Business Analysis, Digital, Software Testing, Re-Engineering, Website Development, Web Design and Digital Marketing. Scrutinysoft Technology develops applications from scratch using a standard software development method with precise procedure and documentation process. We also provide cloud-based development services, mobile application development, e-commerce website development, database support and administration.

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Application Maintenance

Scrutiny Software Solutions also provides Application Maintenance services by providing dedicated support and maintenance to the clients who needed the maintenance service and deliver the service with reduced cost, high performance with a very low/no downtime and high return on investment. Scrutinysoft application maintenance plays an important role towards enhancing and extending the life of client’s products or applications.

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Business Analysis

Scrutinysoft Technology comes up with a specialized business analysis knowledge to understand the business changes made in the client’s organization, assess the business impact in those changes, determine to improve the existing business process, identify the steps needed for the improvement of the current business, designing and analyzing the impact of the new changes to the client’s business.

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Scrutinysoft Digital guides the customers’ business to grow and invent disruptive new business models by envisioning, building innovative products and experiences, define global trends, approaches. We enable businesses to generate new and higher growth, substantial differentiation and real economic value. Digitization offers various opportunities for growth in various businesses across industries, sectors, regions, size of companies, etc.

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Scrutinysoft Testing delivers the product or service to the client after it undergoes all types of testing services like functional testing, non-functional testing, automation testing, performance testing, security and data warehouse testing. The software testing is done in such a way that the client’s product or service will have reliable performance, correct & reliable operation, no loss of data, low maintenance cost, etc.

Full Stack Development Service Providers

Scrutinysoft Labs

Scrutinysoft Technology can guide the clients by finding a way to develop and advertise themselves to the world by developing a website. We will follow the discussed methodology with the client along with extensive background research and plan strategically to create and develop a website that will meet your business goal and objectives.

Re-engineering Service


Scrutinysoft Technology helps in the Re-engineering process for the business organizations and the customers by redesigning and reorganizing the core business process with end-to-end responsibility. We analyze and find the business workflows, processes that are sub-par or inefficient, and figure out ways to get rid of them or change them in such a way that it increases business productivity, output or quality.

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Technology Vision

Scrutinysoft provides development services in various technologies and platforms and fully optimized services for the clients. We also provide services for cloud technology, mobile application management services and database support and administration services. Scrutinysoft provides dedicated support and maintenance for tailor-made applications and platform-based solutions. We also keep track of the changes and updates required on the application to keep up with the world trend.

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Web Technology

Scrutiny Software Solutions Private Limited has an excellent skillful website designing team for designing and developing websites. We provide simple customized User Interface (UI) web designs for our clients that can represent them in a professional manner. We also help the clients by developing a professional user-friendly website with good visual design, containing meaningful content with cross-browser compatibility across all platforms and excellent responsiveness.